Yant has a reputation for productions which combine alluring grooves, hypnosis-inducing sounds and rich powerful beats alongside his powerful DJ sets.

Signing records to Setaoc Mass’s SK_Eleven X, Token Records, and originally BLACKAXON the producer has a solid backing of Techno’s most important figures. Keeping things fresh and moving forward his productions have distinct personalities and psychoacoustic details to build worlds of their own, always ready to take you to another dimension.

∄ K-41, Tresor, Fold and The White Hotel, are just a few of the clubs which have experienced his ability to grip the dancefloor. Full of energy, pushing it to the limits, he rides on the verge of things falling apart, almost close to apocalyptic, but saving you with a surprise up his sleeve. He has an open minded passion for music and diverse collection, giving a focused but unique feel when setting the tone at the start of a night. Using interesting atmospheres is something he appreciates and makes it his mission to subtly drift with you into the full speed of the night. Whether it’s at the beginning or the end of the night, one thing’s for sure, you’re in for a ride.