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Unknown Archetype
Unknown Archetype is a collaborative project between Roxy Tripp - a British conceptual artist & music producer - and Oliver Kucera, a Czech-born producer & live performer residing in the Netherlands. With an extensive background of solo projects in the underground scene, the duo began their collaboration together as Unknown Archetype in early 2015. The project is conceptually driven by themes of Jungian psychology, archetypal symbolism and mythology, while exploring a vast spectrum of electronic music genres.

January 2017 saw the release of their debut EP “Tripp” via legendary Belgian imprint R&S Records, effortlessly balancing deep, late night sounds with a unique character and intricate headphone-centric programming. The release garnered critical acclaim across the board, as well as receiving a nomination for “Best Song” at the 2017 Berlin Music Video Awards.

July 2017 saw their second release via R&S in the form of new single “Into Ether”, as well as the duo’s debut live performance at Kompass Klub in Ghent.
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