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Speakman Sound
Brothers Todd and Guy Speakman are a producer duo hailing from Glastonbury who combine U.K. bass music with deep rhythms and atmospheric & euphoric sounds.

The brothers spent their childhood in the Glastonbury area immersed in music through their father, a well-known guitarist heavily involved with the psychedelic music scene, and grew into adolescence against a backdrop of rave culture in Somerset.

That the Speakman brothers are producers in their own right too should come as no surprise. Having received a start-up grant for a studio in Cricklewood, they have built an artistic hub from scratch and are surrounded by a creative coterie of young musicians and talented artists practicing across film and music in North London where they hold regular late night jams and parties.

'Glastonbury-based brothers, Todd and Guy, are changing the face of dance music.' (Wonderland Magazine)

'I was sent this track by brand new Glastonbury production duo this week, and although I have honestly no clue how to aptly describe it, I simply fell head over heels in love with it. (Indie Shuffle)

'..an uplifting track with tropical elements and psychedelic qualities.' (Indietronica)

'..an electronic duo that has just dropped its debut single In Flight, which is as experimental as it is enjoyable (which is a lot).' (Fresh Beats)
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