Riot Code

In just three years, Derry's RIOT CODE has soared to international fame as a DJ-producer duo. Oliver and Stephen, the creative minds behind the project, crafted their unique sound during the 2020 lockdown, quickly gaining recognition. Their debut EP "Tripwire" on Carouse Records in 2021 established their presence in the techno world, backed by support from notable artists like VTSS, DAX J, SPFDJ and Amelie Lens.

2022 was their breakout year, marked by releases on respected labels like NineTimesNine and Noise Manifesto, Reckless & Elixyr. RIOT CODE's DJ shows, including a sold-out tour of Australia, showcased their growing global following. In 2023, they released the highly anticipated EP "4EVER" on Homage, touching on personal experiences and addressing issues faced by the Trans community in Northern Ireland.

Other projects include a remix of ElyiE's track "I See UR Face" on Echo Recordings and a remix of AZYR's track "Direct To The Roof". Their Remix of ‘Direct To The Roof’ has gone on to be a widely viral successful track which the tracks is currently hitting 250,000 plays and has received exclusive plays from 999999999, Shlomo, Hadone, Paula Temple and Amelie Lens, resulting in a frenzy of track ID requests.

Earning recognition from prominent figures in the industry, RIOT CODE's rapid ascent shows no signs of slowing down. They have a slew of forthcoming releases and exciting collaborations on the horizon, cementing their status as a formidable presence in the music scene.