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Photonz, real name Marco Rodrigues, is the DJ and producer behind one of last year's most ubiquitous underground tracks; his remix for Legowelt's "Institute of the Overmind" found its way into the record bags of a vast number of DJs - including top players such as Mike Servito, DJ TLR, Adriatique, Volvox or DJ Haus. The remix is still making waves well into 2016 and it's easy to understand its appeal; sharp, thundering kick drums carry the original's hypnotic acidline while an explosion of melodic elements and dramatic moments develop over it. A glorified banger by anyone's standards and extensively featured by magazines such as DJ Mag or Deep House Amsterdam.
While for some this may be the first point of contact with his craft, Marco's been around for just over a decade now: he dropped his debut in 2006 on a small London label called Living Records and, since then, built a path of inventive and original dance tracks that got him cult status among fans of grittier, rave-inspired dance music. His productions have been released on iconic underground labels such as Andy Blake's now defunct Dissident label, the Dutch institution Creme Organization (and its sub-label R-zone), DJ Haus' Unknown To The Unknown, Pilooski's Dirty and many others.

His sound as a DJ and producer is a new take on the legacies of early Chicago house, Detroit techno and Drexciya-style electro - always fused with formative influences of the Portuguese rave scene of the early 90's and flagship names such as DJ Vibe or Kaos Records. The result is a unique sonic signature that earned him the support of luminaries such as Legowelt, Blawan, Ben UFO, Trevor Jackson, Jackmaster and Daniel Avery, to name a few, and brought his celebrated DJ skills to clubs in Berlin, London, Paris, Lyon, Barcelona and others - including festival appearances in Sonar BCN, London's Lovebox of Portugal's biggest Summer festival, Sudoeste.

Marco is also the founder of One Eyed Jacks, a label that's synonymous with some of the most inventive electronic music coming from Portugal and home to early productions of artists such as Violet, Roundhouse Kick, Pal +, Lake Haze and the the graphic design of Márcio Matos, of Príncipe fame. That same dedication to the Portuguese scene manifested even further when, in November last year, Marco joined forces with Violet to start the online station Rádio Quântica (www.radioquantica.com); a communal platform designed to showcase the work of underrepresented artists from Portugal and give voice to activists in fields such as feminism, queer culture, progressive politics, arts and culture. The station is also the new home for his long running radio show "Princípio da Incerteza" that airs every other Thursday from 10pm until midnight (GMT).