Paula Tape is a woman inspired by passion and curiosity for all arts, but her strongest passion is without a doubt music. It’s a fire which feeds her continuous research and pushed her to travel the world. This also inspired her to get away from her native country Santiago de Chile where she grew up as a drummer in a few indie electro bands before dedicating herself to djing and producing.

When settled in Milan after living in Barcelona she devoted herself full time to her primary passion and started releasing her own music. “Agua Congas EP” on SOBO was welcomed warmly around the world and opened the door for forthcoming releases on Rhythm Section and more to come in 2020. Following her natural inclination to dig for hidden gems she took part into "Tempo Dischi” a label dedicated to italian reissues distributed by Rush Hour.

The passion for old tracks and percussive sounds shape her eclectic style which reflect her radio residencies on Radio Raheem and WorldwideFM, and it’s a hallmark of her club sets.