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patten is a visionary London-based duo signed to Warp Records.

Before rising to wider prominence in recent years, the group has been performing and releasing music on ultra-limited edition CDRs since 2006, whilst also running their imprint Kaleidoscope. Composing and performing prolifically, rare small-run patten recordings occasionally surfaced from the underground. Issue 283 of The Wire Magazine described the 2007 CDR There were Horizonsas "a world of exquisitely detailed microscopic, ordered purposeful harmony", while the "sonically nuanced, breathless, rugged" track Version (test mixxx)appeared as Pitchfork's 'Best New Music' in May 2009.

Following the first official release, 2011's acclaimed GLAQJO XAACSSO via London's No Pain In Pop, and a series of intense live performances, patten signed to Warp in late 2013 & released the LP ESTOILE NAIANT soon after in 2014. Continuing to break new ground on recordings and live across everything from audiovisual experiences at Tate Modern to the much celebrated 555-5555 events in London and tripped out remixes for artists like Björk, patten recently released their second album for Warp, Ψ. Relating as much to pop music, club sounds and Industrial textures, Ψ is the group’s most accessible and accomplished record to date, and sees them start to take their super ambitious sound into the wider foreground. The journey is already fully in motion with the Franco-British duo previewing their striking new live audiovisual show across select European clubs and festivals this Autumn to wide-eyed audiences.

Their live AV system includes hyper-programmed LEDs, lasers and projections, with patten uniquely creating their stunning visual and sonic environment IRL. The HD projections, drum machine hardware, live vocals, oceanic bass and heavy smoke frame their tripped out stage presence, fusing with a hypnotic urgency that connects as much to cutting edge video installation as it does to a mind-altering NeuroSci experiment - all underpinned by futuristic club-primed rhythms. The stage design, visuals and AV system are all envisaged, produced and programmed entirely by 555-5555, patten’s creative collective.