Páal is one of Voitax’s founders, an avid vinyl collector and tireless DJ. Those who have experienced his sets will know his uncanny ability to adapt and move with the crowd. This is an artist who is comfortable drawing out long transitions between deeper movements, as he is rapidly cutting between high-energy, dancefloor bombs. At peak moments, tracks are mixed within minutes and somehow, before you know it, a whole variety of rhythmic electronics has been transformed into drum machine workouts, while not limiting himself to any genre. This is his relentless sound: wild and boundless – one that is also showcased with flair in his studio productions. Following on from a string of remixes and V/A appearances, his debut EP, ‘Fitz Roy’ was released on Voitax in 2018 – featuring complex sound design, metallic broken beats and frenzied, peak-time dancefloor tracks. The EP was widely supported globally. Two years later, comes his second solo six-track EP, 'Soothing Songs For A Cultured Affair' on Midnight Shift Records. Awashed with a palate of dark and broken sounds, yet with touches of warmth and humor, it burrows deep into the mind of the artist. Paàl’s penchant for thunderous, rumbling low ends sets the precedent for the EP, with glimpses of the artist’s knack for melodies and harmonies. As you could guess from his ever-growing analog studio setup, Paàl’s has an undying passion for hardware – drum machines, synths and pedals tracked through a mixing desk, raw and unedited. Imperfections intrinsic to this process are essential to him – warm, organic and, at times, lo-fi and grainy. His first DJ gigs were at DIY raves held in air hangars and derelict structures left over from the fallout of the DDR. Having quickly garnered a name for himself, and fuelled by a relentless drive, Paál and his friends Christoph, Martin, and Marcus turned their attention towards setting up a record label they called Voitax Records – and the rest, as they say, is history. The label has since become synonymous with off-kilter electronics, attested by its global support. Establishing himself as a meticulous selector, Paál eclectic vinyl-only DJ sets span multiple tempos and genres and have seen him touring Asia, South America and Europe, including a stint in the seminal Berlin institution, Berghain. Expect to hear more from this talent.