Octave One

Techno is in the genetic pulse of the Octave One brothers. Hailing from Detroit, Lenny and Lawrence Burden have been vanguards of the genre since its early innovation and continue to set the standard for dance floors. Their electrifying live performances showcase to audiences just what techno is made of: the synthesis of man and machine. The duo’s astounding array of analog gear, a mighty rig they call “The Mothership,” acts as a vessel of funk grooves, house riffs, and irresistible rhythms as they take dancers on a trip through musical literacy. With each live set, the formidable force accomplishes a feat few can conceive of in the studio, and even fewer are able to recreate live. This is why Octave One is techno’s unrivaled live act. The 2023 release of Octave One's Never On Sunday album on their own 430 West Records marks a seminal moment in contemporary techno. It exhibits the brothers’ fluidity in electronic music, laying down a fresh blueprint for future artists. Ahead of its release, the sought-after singles “Tiers” and “The Bearer (Brother’s Burden Mixes)” are proving their versatility on the global dance floor with addictive fervor. Never On Sunday is a multimedia exploration into melancholic breakbeats, anthemic vocals, and ambient soundscapes that marks a modern rebirth of techno’s experimental soul. Featuring ten video shorts written and directed by the Burdens, it reaffirms their project as an all-encompassing, expansive experience in digital form as it is live. More in demand than ever, Octave One’s success is built on over three decades of artistic evolution that’s captivating a new generation of devotees.