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Described as a mastermind producer and rapper aficionado, enigmatic artist Mouthe first appeared early 2016 with his highly unique tracks. Not much is known about Mouthe except the huge range of rumours surrounding him, all of which he denies - including the fact that it’s even him behind the mask.

Mouthe’s multi-influenced and diverse sound is even harder to peg down than his identity. His baritone raps seem to be the only constant overtop his schizophrenic backdrops, where psychedelic confusion blends seamlessly with meticulous precision. Since dropping his first track Mouthe has received nothing but praise from key blogs and tastemakers such as The Fader, Nest HQ and Indie Shuffle.

“My inability to fully understand it makes it increasingly more intriguing”, writes Indie Shuffle. “There are so many sounds, influences and layers that even after listening 100 times, there's always something you're missing. If you enjoy being confused and slightly terrified, Mouthe is the artist for you.”

Mouthe is surely heading somewhere, but it might not be to where you think.