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Luca Ballerini
Right place, right time? Sure. But it's never accidental. It's because you work hard, you work sharp. It's because you're obsessed with crystal clear production skills. Skills that call for the warmth of the analog sounds, of the vinyl: fact is, technicalities are nothing without control, without a deep awareness of the whole history, of the roots.

In a really short amount of time Luca Ballerini has achieved amazing recognition: first the unconditional support of sir Sven Väth (it's his Cocoon Records that released the blazing EP "L'Eternità Di Un Attimo", September 2014), then came Innervisions ("Amore E Psiche", 2015) and then Cocoon again ("Impressions Of A Dawn", 2015). Amongst that, a superbusy schedule as a dj, being embraced as well by the Circoloco family - one of the truest, most sincere, most demanding and explosive in the business.

A dizzying rise. Starting with a few EP's on Wax Jam, and establishing his own label (Musical Metaphor), now well testified by his status as one of the most promising and talented newcomers within the European club culture scene. All this coming with a touch of class, of grace, of lightness. Surgically inflecting techno and house alphabets with style, taste and dreamlike sensitivity - all melted together, in search of the perfect balance.
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