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Juxta Position
Debuting in 2013 on DVS1’s Mistress Recordings, with his Juxta Position Vol 1 release, which included the widely supported track Mercy, Juxta Position began a journey into rhythm and sound.

In 2017, after two outings on Mistress, and one on Rhythm Nation, he founded Failsafe, his own label for the release of Juxta Position material.

With roots in classic minimal techno going back to the mid Nineties, combined with an open, unprejudiced ear focussed on whatever influences are around him, he’s forged a sound which is original and unique.

Additionally, as a DJ with a history spanning over two decades, he’s cultivated mixing and selection skills which are second to none, and reflect his own unique take on techno music.

The first 12” on Failsafe, Juxta Position’s “Failsafe 01”, was released at the end of January 2017. With three more releases on Failsafe already planned for 2017, alongside a remix of Shenoda for Aus Music, this year is already set to be a busy one for Juxta Position.
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