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Jen Ferrer
Jen Ferrer is a Los Angeles based DJ, radio host, and event promoter. Originally from Miami, Jen moved westward at the age of 18 to attend USC’s Music Industry program. After graduating, she started working at the Friends of Friends record label, a notable fixture in LA's independent music scene, eventually becoming Label Manager at the helm of the company for years. Her work behind the scenes branched into nightlife in 2014 when she became resident DJ for Far Away, the monthly all-night warehouse party which has quickly become an underground staple in LA nightlife.

Her residency at Far Away turned into a more prominent role soon after, helping run the operations of the party alongside the party’s founder, Cooper Saver, for the past few years. Jen hosts her Dublab radio show ‘Fish Whistle’ every 2nd Tuesday of the month, broadcasting to the Greater Los Angeles area on 99.1 FM KLDB.
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