Henry Brooks

Emerging from Detroit, techno’s most enduring and preeminent playground, Henry Brooks is penning a new blueprint for dark dancefloors everywhere. Hailing from Western Michigan, at a young age Brooks dove into the dance music realm by way of a lifelong passion for metal. Immediately entranced by Detroit’s lush techno landscape, he found himself intoxicated by the history and unyielding energy of the city that lays claim to the techno genesis. Since his inception as a DJ in 2016, Brooks has been sending crowds into a frenzy for over six years - and has been relentlessly refining his arsenal every step along the way.

Brooks’ influence has spread as fiercely as his formidable basslines. 2022 marked his first performance at Detroit's dance music-revered Movement Festival, as well as his increased presence and kinship within Charlotte De Witte’s internationally lauded KNTXT event series. His ability to beguile a crowd is no accident. Brooks regularly draws parallels between the flow-like meditative state both he and his audience members connect to while he’s spinning, and his own spiritual practices. His sets range from driving, high intensity techno—to deep, sophisticated rhythms and melodies.

As both a DJ and producer, Brooks makes room for the notoriously visceral—and even otherwordly—elements of dance music, while keeping a finger on the frontlines of today’s techno vanguard. He draws inspirational firepower from the classic, dizzying elixirs of techno elite like Jeff Mills, as well as many modern techno artists—all the while staying true to his own unique authentic expression as an artist, which translates to each original release and club set. As for what’s in store for Brooks in the coming months, he is slated to appear atop a menagerie of menacing dancefloors internationally.