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Heathered Pearls
Heathered Pearls is Polish-born Brooklynite Jakub Alexander, whose career in music was deeply rooted before ever releasing his own. A&R at Ghostly International, Alexander has been entrenched in the industry since 2002. He discovered techno as a teenager living in Detroit and from pirated CDs in Poland during his summers, and gradually learned to create his own vision of the genre.

The name Heathered Pearls originated from the combination of seeking out the allure of something special in a song (the pearl) and drenching a haze of erosion over it (heathered). His first album Loyal (2012) mimicked the hypnotic and swelling motions of ocean waves at night with melodic, loop-based ambient music. But Alexander would only move on from there, inescapably drawn to dance floor ideas and memories of the engrossing techno mixes he pored over as a kid. The second Heathered Pearls album, Body Complex, transforms Loyal's soft, soporific textures into driving 4/4 figures, denser tone drifts, and rhythmic synth plateaus. Its the beginning of a new phase in Alexanders ever-evolving career, and the possibilities are expanding seamlessly out to the realms of music, art, and performance.