Eprom’s unique sound has cemented him as one of the champions of the underground. Varying from toxic hip-hop, to searing garage mutations, to bizarre concoctions somewhere in between, his production style has become easy to spot . His recent single "The Cat" had fans stirring in anticipation for his new EP “Aikon”, dropping on Deadbeats Records later this year. With notable collaborations from artists like G Jones, Bassnectar, and Claude Von Stroke and most recently two feature tracks off Flume's latest release, "Hi This Is Flume", his solo work isn't the only thing grabbing everyone's attention. His ability to collaborate with other artists is on full display through his genre-bending project with Alix Perez, dubbed Shades. "Eprom earns ears and respect with deconstructed bass beats that shake the ground as they rip through the time-space continuum. It's only the beginning for this brain busting beast, and we're calling it." - Billboard Dance