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DJ Seinfeld

Although Malmö-born, Barcelona-based Armand Jakobsson has garnered a cult following through several aliases in the past years, it’s fair to say that as DJ Seinfeld he has tapped into the imagination of house music fans worldwide.

The Seinfeld project burst onto the scene with breakaway dusty house jam ‘U’, which has placed him at the forefront of a young breed of retrospective house music producers currently taking the clubs and internet by storm.

After quickly establishing himself as an artist with substance and vision, He was listed as one of the artists to watch in 2017 by Red Bull Music Academy, and has been featured consistently on platforms such as Resident Advisor and Pitchfork who have keenly documented his rise. He has also just completed a week long residency for Rinse FM, inviting guests such as Joe Goddard and D. Ribeiro.

Jakobsson has gone on to release music for the always reliable Lobster Theremin, Natural Sciences and will also release his debut album in late summer. In his first year he tours Australia, Asia, North America and has an envious DJ schedule taking in key club and festival dates worldwide.