Bad Boombox

At the height of the pandemic, Bad Boombox emerged with an irreverence and colourful vitality rarely seen in techno. He nimbly blends the irrepressible energy of Berlin with the flamboyant spirit of the early rave movement. The charismatic DJ, producer, and internet personality has earned praise from peers and industry luminaries for his blistering beats, warehouse rattling DJ sets, and penchant for the absurd.

Bad Boombox is just as much a performance artist as he is a dynamic musician. His 90s Eurodance meets Berlin techno aesthetic and hilarious dance moves were a light in the darkness of nearly two years without dance floors. Bad Boombox brilliantly harnesses the power of social media to further his agenda. His viral videos, memes, and DJ sets garnered millions of views and billions of indirect streams. The success of his Badass Bootlegs series and original releases on Farris Wheel Recordings and Fantastic Voyage have landed in the Rekordboxes of Will Clarke, Patrick Topping, Stella Bossi, Justin Jay, Gene Farris, Born Dirty and more.

His father raised him on a steady diet of old-school Eurodance cassettes. As a child, he played selector for impromptu dance parties in his living room. He discovered a love for making people dance before he ever stepped foot in a nightclub. He honed his skills in college, moved to LA, and intended to pursue a career in music. However, the weight of commercialism and lack of cultural awareness frustrated him. A two-year backpacking trip in Europe was the impetus for Bad Boombox. The clubs of France, Spain, Ukraine, and Berlin redesigned his perception of music. In the European mecca of techno, he witnessed how inextricably linked the culture and history of dance music were with the dancefloor.

2021 marked a new chapter for the Bulgarian-born, LA-based artist. He dispensed with his previous tech-house leaning flavour for a sound informed by his travels in Europe and the music that soundtracked his childhood. Bad Boombox aims to reexamine the anti-authoritarian and anti-conformity ethos of the early rave movement. However, he never wants to abandon its youthful spirit.