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Automatic Tasty
Automatic Tasty is Jonny Dillon, who hails from Greystones, a little known parish in the heart of North Wicklow, Ireland, where he cut his teeth building jams on his collection of analogue drum machines and synths, to play at woodland raves and local parish cake sales.

His hardware-heavy live sets are a spectacle of all that’s good about house and techno, and, being composed entirely on analogue synths and cantankerous old drum machines, are replete with bum notes, incorrectly triggered patterns, accidental chords played in the wrong key, out of tune foolishness, and moments of joy where it all fits together and everything goes invisible and disappears.

The music he composes (much like the composer himself) is an imperfect shambles; wholeheartedly and lovingly wrought, however. This is a sound that resonates with the sentiment and heart of the underground, and his musical inspirations have drawn as much from the attitude of certain labels and artists he admires, as from their sounds. Groups like Drexciya, The Railway Raver, Underground Resistance and Rephlex have therefore acted as a wellspring of inspiration for him over the years.

Jonny's sound is hard to pin down, and his ability to flit between a range of influences, usually in the same track, makes his productions seem familiar yet also idiosyncratic. Fluid basslines, bleeding analogue chords, and hardcore dreaminess all combine to create a production style that tugs at your emotions and soothes the soul; here is a master of melody, groove and feelgood funk - an immaculately produced sound that’s equal parts melancholic nostalgia, charmed melodics and dusty cassette noise.
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