Aida Arko

Aida Arko, an Iranian-born electronic music producer and DJ, has become a prominent figure in the techno scene. Influenced by the Persian underground scene and her cultural heritage, Aida left her academic pursuits in biology to embark on a global journey in performance and music. After years of touring with Cirque de Soleil, she settled in Austria in 2016 and focused on her true passion - music.

As a resident DJ at the renowned Grelle Forelle club and Gegen Collective, Aida has earned a reputation for her distinctive hard-edge techno sound, characterized by dark, percussive, industrial beats infused with experimental soundscapes. Her career highlights include releases on Soma Records, Elements, and Sur, as well as a transformative remix of Rebekah's iconic track 'Ghost Stories.’

Aida's musical evolution has been marked by her commitment to exploring new sonic territory while remaining true to her roots and love for drums. In 2020, her debut EP 'Story Of My Maker' was released, followed by her solo track 'Electrain' on Gain Records. Her own label, System A, premiered with the EP 'Accelerate' and the successful single 'Renaissance.'

As a strong advocate for women in the industry, Aida expanded her creative influence by launching her brand Scoville, organizing events and showcasing labels with plans to release music and podcasts. Scoville’s first club night at Grelle Forelle demonstrated her ability to merge her energetic personality with the serious nature of techno music.

Aida Arko's undeniable impact on the techno scene is a testament to her innovative sound and relentless passion for music. As she continues to challenge the status quo, she remains an inspiration to women in the music industry and beyond.