Afriqua is anything but just another DJ. His voyage behind the decks commenced at the tender age of 10, taking him from spinning tracks at his classmates' 11th birthday parties in Virginia to commanding the iconic dancefloors of revered clubs like DC-10 and Berghain. His most cherished tracks work in both contexts, transcending both the intimate setting of a house party and the cavernous expanse of a world-renowned nightclub. An Afriqua DJ set is a captivating odyssey through dance music history, influenced by his early days as an open-format DJ and informed by his authoritative role as a curator and presenter of Black Music. Afriqua's mixing prowess is a testament to a childhood spent crafting sonic landscapes ranging from rare breaks, electro, disco, and classic hip-hop alongside pioneers like Jazzy Jay and Grandwizard Theodore, to the mainstream anthems of local legends The Neptunes and Timbaland for his school friends. His technique, honed over a lifetime behind the decks, allows him to take creative risks that few dare to attempt. His meteoric rise from the Berlin underground in the mid 2010s continued this most unique of DJ origin stories. He has shared stages with a diverse array of artists, from minimal heroes like Zip and Raresh to international superstars like Seth Troxler and Sven Väth. But Afriqua's selections go beyond mere tracks; they are woven together by an exclusive sonic flavor that must be heard to be believed. He is as likely to unleash his own unreleased productions and edits as he is to resurrect a forgotten Chicago house gem or unveil an “I didn’t realize this was a banger” dancefloor classic like Laid Back's "White Horse.” His DJ sets transcend genres, blending underground and mainstream seamlessly.

As Afriqua aptly puts it, he loves "playing underground music for mainstream audiences and mainstream music for underground audiences." The real magic happens when these categories dissolve in the minds of the crowd, giving rise to an electrifying, genre-defying experience that only he can curate. That’s when the real fun begins.. Afriqua's journey as a DJ is a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, defying conventions, and creating moments of sonic magic that resonate across the spectrum of dance music.

Afriqua is available for bookings as DJ, LIVE, or Hybrid.